Friday, January 30, 2015

Be The Fantasy, Role Play by Men for Women

OK guys, I know that most of us look at role play and think of our girl as a naughty nurse or a dirty flight attendant, But what if this time She came home to Flynn from her romantic novel. or even in my wife's case (I know i am not alone here) Leroy Jethro Gibbs. I can tell  you now from experience, not only did we have a blast with the entire role play, The sex was freaking amazing. OK now that I have your attention I will give a few details. I simply got a bottle of dye and went grey, put on a suit and a rough but loving demeanor, and set up a simple crime scene in our living room. Then when she came home I treated her as a witness that I had to interrogate, She was arrested, put in handcuffs, and I interrogated her about her relationship with the victim. I then used all methods at my disposal to retrieve the needed information from her. She was Very Very guilty and I was truly very happy to punish her, but that was not the point. Wait yes it was. 

Now I did not buy anything for this and I did not have to spend any money at all, I already had everything from prior events.
But if you don't have handcuffs you could change the story to fit what you do have or go all out and spend the money to make HER fantasy come true.
trust me fella's it is well worth the effort.
I will be trying a few more out in the future and have found it worth my while to secretly read a romance novel or two for ideas to use. 
I will be trying one tonight that doesn't involve bondage in any way. Its simply just the I am that guy you want to rape approach. 

We are going out on a date like we do every Thursday or Friday (married for 5 years and still have a spark to date), and every now and then I like to through a wrench in things to keep her guessing.
Today I will be dressed in a tweed suit with a bow-tie. I told her to meet me at the restaurant, I will reintroduce myself as "The Doctor". Yep you guessed it--Doctor Who fan and her exact words where and I quote "I would rape that man in the middle of the street just so there were witnesses."
So that said I am going to be meeting her at the Olive Garden and I will see if I can get witnesses or if I have to wait until we get behind closed doors. 

Also don't be afraid to role play as your fantasy, when you  where a kid you wanted to be an astronaut. So be an astronaut, or a cowboy, a race car driver. A rich Business Executive, What ever you want to be, and I will guarantee you both the experience of a life time.

Remember 3 things:
1- The only people who know what you and yours do for your sexual health is you and yours.
(just because we go to a restaurant dressed up doesn't mean its for sex. ever heard of costume parties)
2- If you don't learn and grow together, you will learn and grow separately.
3- Every single person has fantasy's, healthy people explore them safely. 

So that's My little take on that. don't forget to check out edenfantasy' for all your fun fantasy needs. Use code Z55 at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase.

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