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More About Lubes

The weekend has started and now you can rest easy with some more information about one of our favorite sexual aides: lube.  The promises are many.  The bells and whistles of what they say they are able to do varies greatly (as do their prices!).   Which is best to help you grease the wheels for your next ride?  I hope this information helps.  Studies show that lube make sex and masturbation more pleasurable for women regardless of whether or not you "need" it.

-Gel vs. Liquid-
Different brands of personal lubricant usually make a "gel."  This is an important distinction between "liquid" lubricants.  Gel or Jelly are no frills type of lube and can be easily spotted because they are usually packaged in a squeeze tube that looks like something you just might find in a doctor's office.  In fact, gels rather than liquids are what are used in medical examinations that require them.

Different brands are all nearly identical in price with a 4oz bottle costing you just around $4.00.  
I recall my embarrassment buying the tube pictured above from a traditionally dressed Muslim woman.  It felt nearly industrial sized.  Truth be told, as a Wallgreen's cashier she had probably rang up much worse  in her day and I was the far more embarrassed party in that transaction...

The main difference between a gel and a liquid?  Texture.  

Don't panic - that's just my forearm!  The left is gel.  The right is liquid.  You can see the liquid is ready to slide off my arm and the gel is staying put in its nice little blob.  

This is after giving it a little swoosh with my finger.  Another word about texture is that when gel has been sitting out a long time it can get a little sticky... Worst case scenario: flaky or clumpy.  Whereas liquid will always eventually rub in or rub off.  This is the reason why I keep both in stock - for different purposes.  Liquid lubricant is best for vaginal play and gel is best for anal.  This is because of the endurance of gel.  When applied vaginally - this is only my opinion - after the fun is over you are left with what will feel like a sticky mess.  However, a thick enduring lube is the key to entering any back door! When providing you a safety net that will make the difference between pleasure and pain you want the net to be as thick as possible!

The purpose of flavored lube is to "enhance oral contact."  This failed to make sense to me because while some erogenous zones need help getting wet - mouths usually don't.  Then the issue of safe sex hit me like a bigDUH in the face!  Because none of us suck on latex for fun, flavored lube is here to help!

This is the only kind of flavored lube I have had the pleasure of tasting to date.  I wouldn't lie to you dear readers... it is yummy.  I would put it on my ice cream - except that is weird and creepy.  The red is strawberry and the brown is chocolate and when mixed together taste even better.

A word of caution is that using flavored lubricants vaginally can put you at risk for a yeast infection because the bacteria that causes infections thrive off of eating sugar - a main ingredient in most flavored lubes.  So flavored lubricant should only be applied to the male body (or stay above the waste on females). 
He might be tempted to use the above products to make you into his own personal ice cream sundae, but please resist.

- Warming and Cooling -
This will be the most scientific section of our talk on lube. Lets discusswarming liquid first.

This is my go-to lube.  Always.  I love lubricant with a warming sensation the best!  The chemicals that allows it to feel warm are Propylene Glycol and Niacin.  Propylene Glycol is the same chemical used in antifreeze!  Niacin, or vitamin B-3, is known to make blood flow to the skin even when taken orally. What makes warming sensation lubes feel so good is they increase blood flow to areas of contact  :)  

Warming lubes could cause irritation if applied too frequently or in too large of an amount. Luckily, our friends at KY have configured these chemicals in a way that is designed to not be too hot for human skin and minimally irritating.  

However, THE WORST sexual experience I have ever gone through was due to Trojan Shared Pleasure Warm Sensation Condoms.

I know I am not the only one who has lived through the agony these things are capable of producing.  It scared me off from using warming lubricant for a long time - and what a shame!  I think the critical component here is that the lube was inside the condom where it was unable to be diluted with natural fluid and friction was maximal.... it was just way way too much heat!  I feel like the red on the wrapper could just as easily serve as a danger warning label.

Cooling lubricant is not as scientific.  The active ingredient to give it the cold sensation is one we are all familiar with: Menthol.  

Purchased for me as a gift last year this KY "Yours+Mine" combo features both a warming and a cooling lubricant.  The cooling lubricant quickly won the nick name "Peppermint Patty" and she and I were quite chummy in the few months after we were introduced.  When used as suggested (male applies the cooling and the female applies the warming) it created a lot of different sensations.  It wasn't an explosion or fireworks like the commercial suggested... but it was a nice way to spice things up.

-Price Point-
Shopping in the pharmacy section of your local retailer you can expect to see lube priced from $3-20.00!  That is quite the difference.  Doing some research I found that silicone based lubricants usually cost more.  They are recommended for anal play and male masturbation because they have more endurance.  However silicone based lubes should not be used with silicone based toys - making them an iffy choice for females.  

Also, the "Yours and Mine" series from KY, albeit water-based, is also a little spendy.  This I have to blame on packaging and advertising.  You get two colorful vials of fun goo that promise to do different things... its worth the extra dollars right?  KY is likely taking advantage of their target audience being someone trying to impress the person they're banging.  

I am someone who usually aims for the middle when it comes to quality and price point.  I don't buy Grey Goose but I certainly do not drink Karkov either.  So I wondered... is cheap lube really not all that?  How bad could it be?

So I bought some generic stuff on a quest to find out!  The consistency, honestly, was more watery than the name brand stuff.  However, it wasn't so inept that it couldn't get the job done.  If you're needing to watch your spending it isn't the worst thing you could use.

- The Sexpert

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sex toys: consumer benefits and product information

Three Reasons Women Should Use Sex Toys

  • 1. 
    Achieve Orgasm Faster and Easier with Vibrators
    High-frequency vibrations enable many women to more quickly and easily achieve orgasm. Vibrators are versatile instruments, and can be used anywhere on the body to relax muscles, relieve strain, as well as provide precise stimulation for pleasure.
    Easier orgasms with vibrators
  • 2. 
    G-spot orgasms
    The G-Spot is an erogenous zone located on the forward vaginal wall, two to three inches from the vaginal opening. G-spot orgasms are intense, and uniquely different from orgasms achieved through clitoral stimulation. The G-spot responds well to deep, rumbling vibrations and pressure. G-Spot toys feature a slight bend at the tip, allowing the user to easily locate and apply pressure and vibration.
    G-spot orgasms
  • 3. 
    Stronger PC Muscles through Kegels
    Pelvic floor muscles lose their tone naturally with age, and following pregnancy. It is important to keep PC muscles toned in order to maintain good urinary and vaginal health. Simple kegel exercises with weighted toys can strengthen the pelvic floor, and as an added benefit, stronger PC muscles lead to more intense orgasms, and stronger sensations for both partners.
    Stronger Kegel muscles

Masturbation Benefits For Men

  • 1. 
    Maintain Stamina and Enjoy Stronger Orgasm
    Premature ejaculation is the most commonly reported sexual condition in men, and often the most embarrassing. Improve your stamina while intensifying sensation and satisfaction for both partners with cock rings. These simple tools mildly constrict blood flow, helping maintain a stronger erection, and also naturally delay ejaculation, often making it more intense.
    Prolong erection and have stronger ejaculation
  • 2. 
    Achieve Ideal Prostate Health
    Prostate massagers are sexual health tools specifically designed to reach and stimulate the prostate, a small gland located two to three inches inside the anal passage. Prostate massage relieves pressure on the gland, and in the pelvic area, promoting the flow of fresh, oxygen-rich blood, which can improve urinary health and erection strength. Most men find prostate massage very pleasurable and arousing, and report a wide variety of health benefits.
    Prostate health
  • 3. 
    Regular Masturbation Leads to Better Sexual Health
    Just like regularly changing your car's oil, regular sexual release is a necessary part of male sexual health. The male reproductive system needs to be regularly refreshed in order to maintain a healthy balance of fresh blood, oxygen, and hormones. Men who ejaculate frequently or very regularly also report better prostate health. Using masturbatory toys can be a convenient and delightful way to find a release. Masturbating with sex toys also helps increase stamina and prevent premature ejaculation.
    Regular masturbation for better sexual health

Better Sex For Couples

  • 1. 
    Get Closer Through Foreplay
    Foreplay is an essential part of physical communication and intimacy, and can strengthen feelings of love, appreciation, and trust between couples. More dynamic and extended foreplay leads to increased arousal and enhanced pleasure during sex. Sex toys allow couples a variety of ways to get more from their foreplay, whether it's experimenting with new sensations, or enhancing a couple's favorite sexual activities. Couples that use sex toys regularly often report better communication and healthier long-term relationships.
    More variety in foreplay
  • 2. 
    Make Sex Comfortable Again
    It is very important for both partners to experience a comfortable and painless sexual experience. Some positions can put strain on weak joints and muscles, and can lead to injuries; but being limited to one or two positions can lead to stale sexual encounters. Position support can help couples acheive more freedom to experiment with positions, without the worry of unwelcome sensations or pain. The use of position support can even help couples to conceive.
    Comfortable sex with position support
  • 3. 
    Experience Simultaneous Orgasm
    Men and women achieve climax differently, and many couples complain that they are unable to experience simultaneous orgasm. Women need longer to get aroused, and often need more direct stimulation in order to achieve orgasm; while men can climax quickly, or even prematurely. Vibrating rings improve his stamina while directly stimulating her with vibration, giving couples a chance to experience orgasm together.
    Simultaneous orgasm

Monday, February 2, 2015

The World Of Lubes--How, Why, Who, When, and all those other questions

If a sex toy is somehow easier to choose, thanks to their classifications, then selecting the proper lubricant may confuse even some experienced players. Reading the descriptions may take too long and the ingredients lists, with all those formulas of organic and non-organic chemistry, says nothing to an English-speaking person. Water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, petroleum-based... what the hell??? Let's take a deep breath and try to focus a bit on this article that is going to to provide you with basic guidelines in choosing a good lubricant. Besides making your masturbation and adult toys feel more lifelike, lubricants also make frictions less rough, thus making the sex toys or/and fingers contact more pleasurable. Though human bodies produce their own "love liquids", some times it's taking too much time or the quantity is not sufficient. Water-based and silicone-based lubes are the ideal natural help to your love games as an addition to your personal genuine fluids of love. As lubricants, nowadays, are available in a various range of colors, consistencies and flavors, it is better to experiment by trying different types of them. First of all, what you have to do, is trying to figure out what do you need a lubricant for? Are you going to use it for sex toys fun, solo play or for intercourses with your partner? Are you going to use it in your bedroom or in the bathroom? Is it for vaginal penetration? Is it for anal fun? Maybe, masturbation? Anyway, after you have answered all these, you're half way done finding the lube you need. Basically, there are two types of lubricants: water-based, water soluble, and oil-based, made of natural ingredients. The consistence of water soluble lubes is much thinner than consistence of oil-based ones but their main advantage is their universality. They can go with all types of sex toys, no matter whether it's a latex toy or a silicone one, and for all kinds of sex play, masturbation, vaginal foreplay or anal fun. A large variety of water-based lubricants are made of different colors and flavors just to be more appealing for the consumers. In case you're seeking for a universal lube, acceptable for all purposes: sex toys use, intercourses, both vaginal and anal, masturbation, you should definitely choose a water-based one. Although being gifted with a nice smell and even taste, flavored lubricants in which list of ingredients you can find sugar, can easily affect vagina's pH of a woman and make it less resistant to infections and yeast bacterias. Remember, those lubricants which have a strong flavor of a fruit, like kiwi, strawberry or lime, should be applied only upon the skin and not genitals. However, there are outstanding water-based lubricants intended for penetration. Ultra Wet Lube for all type of sex play, including anal fun and sex toy play, Natural Anal Lube for delightful moments of anal play and, finally, the Instant Hand-Job Lube, intended for... you know it better. Now it's time to dig the pros and cons of the oil-based lubricants. First to be mentioned are their natural ingredients, like nut oils or vegetable oils. They are perfect for male and female masturbation and anal play as well. Although all of them are safe to be used for penetration and besides the fact that many women find them less irritating, their main disadvantage is their capacity to leave stains on fabrics, which eventually are kind of difficult to be removed. Another discomfort that is related to oil-base lubes, they cannot be used with latex products, such as diaphragms, cervical caps and condoms.
Thats it for today though. We have alot of research to do on this subject to answer all of these questions.
So I need to know your exact questions for me to answer them.
Please email me @ and i will post another article with all of the answers to those questions.

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Harnesses and MEN

Harness myth #1

The most common misconception men have about harnesses is that if they enjoy getting instead of giving the pounding once in a while that means they're gay, but in fact, this couldn't be further from the truth. Many men enjoy prostate stimulation but are not physically attracted to men, and having your lover bend you over is the perfect solution.

All the ways for men to enjoy strap-ons

Others use harnesses due to ED, but some use harnesses with their erections, either in a hollow dong or below the strap-on, and this allows for double the penetration and double the fun. All harnesses that have two straps (jock straps) going down the crotch are capable of this function. These harnesses wrap around your thighs rather than between your legs. (For the anal beginners out there, the prostate is located a few inches up the rectum along the wall towards the front of your body.)
Lastly, lots of men who simply enjoy having a larger package for a while wear strap-ons underneath their clothes. This practice is called "packing" and pronounces your package, intentions or both.

Getting started

do not distrub
If your partner is new to the idea of bringing a strap-on into the bedroom you'll want to broach the subject with tact, sensitivity and a listening ear. You might be surprised to find he or she is actually interested in a little experimentation, and how you approach the topic will have a lot to do with its reception.
Choose a time when you're both relaxed, like on a weekend or a date, and be as frank as possible. Make sure to have all your facts straight before that crucial conversation; you can even look over this guide together. A great ice-breaker is to mention new sexual techniques you've heard about. Afterwards the two of you can look through toy catalogues for harnesses and strap-ons.
You might also want to consider an instructional porno such as Strap-On Janine to give you a clear visual and raise the comfort level. Now you're ready to delve into the exciting world of role play sexual fantasy and role play.

Role play (alternate personas, BDS&M and genderbending)

The great thing about indulging in your sexual fantasies is that it gives you a chance to enjoy, guilt-free, pleasures which you might not normally or are considered taboo. Some fun and popular role playing games you can play range from reversing roles to exploring alternate or even fictional personas.
role play
role play
There are few better ways to experience the full gamut of sexual sensuality than by acting out a storyline, like a teacher/student or delivery boy scenario (we're sure you can think of some more original ideas on your own.) And in fact, we recommend the two of you sit down, write out and agree on a scenario you'll both enjoy. Some harnesses personality that we recommend for role play adventures include the Jel-lee snap and lock strap-on and Cleopatra's harness.
In addition, harnesses also play a major role in bondage & discipline, and sadism & masochism. For women, using a strap-on provides an opportunity to wield a new kind a power and have the upper hand in the bedroom, and many gals enjoy the chance to playing their opposite role. This practice is called genderbending.
But whether you're getting tied up or doing the tying, make sure you're not neglecting the importance of negotiation and safety. Don't feel compelled to do anything you don't want to, and always agree on a safety word beforehand that will categorically stop all the action.

You know what the next step is...

toy cleaners
There you have it, you just graduated Harnesses 101. Hopefully this guideline has made you feel more comfortable about experimentation and armed you with all the facts you need to have the best possible experience. One last thing we will mention, and even emphasize, is that you should always keep your toys sanitary with anti-bacterial cleaner or use a condom on the strap-on. Some dildos are made out of silicone or other materials that are able to withstand high temperatures, and we recommend boiling them for five minutes before every use. Now go have some fun, and happy exploring!

Ok that wraps up our time on Harnesses and how they are and can be used. I know that I did not cover everything and that the world is so much bigger.
However we could go on for days here and again all of this is at

But if you want even more info you can also go to these website and check them out for info.

Next week: we start into the world of Lubes. This could get messy. Maybe not. We shall see.